Argan Oil For Babies

argan oil uses for babies


•Rich in vitamin E, a gentle moisturizer to help sensitive baby skin. (Vitamin E is full of antioxidants, needed to protect skin cells)
•Heals dry skin that is already sensitive
•Prevents irritating itches
•Prevents & soothes rashes that can make babies restless.


For dry skin: Common causes of dry skin are low humidity & blistering cold in winter, dry heat in summer, exposure to sun, long baby baths with overly hot water, and strong baby soaps.You can apply argan to baby’s skin or hair before or after a bath.  In addition, you can put a few drops of argan into his bath.

Note:  babies love skin-to-skin contact and massage, so massaging Argan into your baby’s skin can be a very soothing experience for him and provide a daily bonding experience for you both.  When applying Argan oil, it will be most soothing at room temperature (no one likes cold oil shocking their skin!).
Diaper rash:  Warm moist diapers allow bacteria to breed, causing a rash which can burn & itch.  Rash can also come from reactions to soap, laundry detergent or even diapers themselves.

To treat/prevent rash:  put 2 tablespoons baking soda & soak baby’s bottom for 10 minutes.  Can be done 2-3 times daily.   Air-dry his bottom, then apply 1 drop to affected area.Also apply during diaper changes by cleaning gently, air drying, then apply one drop & massage gently to baby’s bottom.

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