Argan Oil for Hair

argan oil for hair


•Treats frizz, dryness and damaged hair from chemicals
•Soothes the scalp
•Corrects split ends
•Restores shine
•Great for all hair types:
â—¦Textured & course African hair: smooths & softens
â—¦Fine hair (curly or straight): softens & defines, avoids fly-away strands
•Adds nutrients
•Boosts thinning hair & assists in hair growth by feeding it vital nutrition & restoring its chemical balance
•Prevents heat damage when applied before blow-drying
•Helps prevent flakes from dry scalp, treats dandruff
•Best of all: argan is multi-tasking—it takes the place of several other products that you may use daily (like hot oil, conditioner, shine additive, gel control). But, pure argan is organic and natural—it has no paraben, silicon or sulphates like these other hair serums.


Before washing: Pour a few drops into palm & massage into scalp, spreading with your palm throughout your hair. Comb or brush to distribute evenly from roots to tips.

Additional step (optional): Wrap hair in a very warm towel for about 30 minutes (minimum—the longer the better), then thoroughly shampoo hair & style as usual. The effect is even greater if you do this routine before bed, allowing the argan enough time to seep in your scalp before washing hair in the morning. It will moisturize your scalp and keep in flake-free.

After washing: Argan can be applied to damp hair, or after it’s been dried. For damp hair, pour a few drops in your palm, spread evenly through hair, wait 10 minutes, then start de-tangling it with a large-toothed comb beginning with the ends. For towel-dried or blow-dried hair, pour a few drops in your palm & comb it through with your fingers or a brush, starting with the ends first to get rid of frizz. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of argan to your daily conditioner.

Before coloring: Apply a few drops the night before you will color your hair. Spread evenly from roots to tips. This will help protect your hair from post-coloring dryness.

To enhance curls: Apply some drops of argan from your hand palm, then wrap hair in a slightly warm & humid towel, squeezing the towel gently without rubbing. Remove towel after a few minutes and repeat with fingers (squeezing & crunching curls without rubbing together). This will define your curls brilliantly.

Protecting against sun damage: Apply a few drops before braiding or placing in pony tail to naturally lock in moisture. This will protect your hair considerably against the sun or other environmental damaging factors like smoke, smog, grease from cooking, and unpleasant odors. Also protects hair against chlorine and aggressive dryness from salt water.

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