Argan Oil for Hands & Nails

Argan Oil Benefits For Hands


•Moisturizes dry hands & feet, knees & elbows
•Softens cuticles & fortifies cracking & peeling nails
•Prevents stretch marks
•Reduces old stretch marks
•Reduces appearance of old scars from injury, acne or chicken pox


Mix equal amounts of argan & fresh squeezed lemon juice in a bowl. Soak fingertips for 10-15 minutes. Rinse hands & pat with soft towel. Put 1-2 drops of argan on hands & massage deeply into nails & cuticles. Repeat once/week. Works equally well for toes.

Alternative: mix one drop of argan into your favorite hand cream before applying.

Note: If you wash your hands several times daily with soap, you are probably depleting the natural oils in your skin. We recommend avoiding over-washing with harsh soaps, fragrances, chemicals or alcohols, and apply argan while skin in moist after every hand washing.

For extremely dry skin: massage nightly into hands or other affected area of skin. Apply soft cotton gloves or socks but do not impede blood circulation.

With natural nails: promotes healthy growth, fights fungal growth, repairs brittle & peeling nails.

With acrylic nails & damage caused by them: use on the nail prior to placement of acrylics, or rub argan around cuticle & under nail to preserve strength of natural nails underneath

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