Why Buy From Us

 Why buy from us?

I am a local Moroccan and Berber by birth. I grew up with argan oil and used it consistently all my life and therefore know everything about it and can deliver the absolute best quality oil to you. No doubt, there are many American and European companies are selling argan oil but many of them are selling oil that is old and ling past its lifespan. I know in light of the fact because I’ve tested it. But there are no extra ingredients added in Sheer argan’s Moroccan oil and it is fresh and pure.

Sheer argan’s argan oil comes right from the tree not like some oils which comes from the goat’s waste. Hand pressing the nuts was traditionally done to separate the oil but frequently the water used in this method was not pure. But we use sanitized machines to squeeze hand- picked nuts a pure, fresh and healthy item. This current method broadens the oil’s time span of usability because it decreases the danger of impurity. The whole process is controlled by trained supervisors who supervise every part of production.

Sheer argan’s argan oil is produced in limited quantities so its purity and freshness is ensured. But argan oil of other producers is heavily produced and shipped to warehouses where it sits for quite a long time and even years before being sold. Therefore, these products are unhealthy and ineffective but customers unaware of the delicacy of the Moroccan argan oil purchase these products. Also, we should not forget that fresh is the best.

Sheer argan’s argan oil is shipped from Morocco by the air freight therefore it lands at its destination in a matter of days. Many other producers use cargo containers to ship argan oil which can invest months on the sea and can lead the oil to expose to warmth extremes. Also, clear glass containers or plastic are used by many producers but this can lead to the oxidation and degradation of the oil. We use brown glass containers to bottle down our argan oil which preserves its superior qualities.

Sheer argan’s argan oil is 100% natural. Since nothing or added is subtracted in our argan oil is pure therefore our argan oil is pure. We don’t add anything else in our argan oil because we know that it will reduce the natural beauty and health enhancing properties of argan oil. For all your needs whether it’s your skin, hair or nails Sheer Argan’s Moroccan argan oil is the best.

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